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Summary: Equius is startled when Robo!Aradia appears before him displaying far more flushed feelings than usual.

Characters: Equius and Aradia
Ships: Aradia♥Equius, brief Equius◊Nepeta

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1. A Gift Horse

Nepeta had left him for a time. She was not fond of his world; it was too cold for her, too quiet, she needed noise and color and energy and could not find it there. She moved on without him through the next gate which they hadn't yet used, into Feferi's world where the surroundings might suit her better, promising that she would wait for him there.

As for Equius himself, he'd grown fond of the Land of Caves and Silence once he'd had a chance to spend more time in it after his initial rushed departure. It was a place where his mind felt steady and clear. Where, for however brief a time, he found a sense of calm as for once in his life he could walk through the world without breaking a single thing. And where, within that calm, he was briefly released from the constant nagging curiosity about where she might be. And whether she might have disappeared so suddenly because she'd only been feigning feelings for him until she could deposit him with Nepeta and leave his moirail to keep pushing him along through a game that was nothing at all like what he'd expected.

Funny, then, that his world was where he found an answer to those questions.

When arms wrapped around him from behind he almost drew a deep breath to shatter them, so focused on the overly-familiar and unpermitted touch that he didn't notice the metal they were made from, then he heard the ragged whisper of, "Equius, you're here," and knew her for who she was.

"Y-you were searching for me, Aradia?" he asked as she buried her face between his shoulder blades, heedless of the sweat already beginning to stream there. "My apologies, I would have made more of an effort to find you if I'd known you'd meant to remain by my side."

"No, I meant to leave," she said, and her finger curved against his chest, her nails digging into his skin through his shirt sharply enough that he wondering if the embrace was only a prelude to a blacker release of her feelings. Then she pushed away long enough to turn him to face her, and he saw a look of stark pity on her face such as he'd longed for longer than he'd ever admit but had begun to despair of ever seeing focused his way. "But now I had to come back."

Then she kissed him with a tenderness he'd never felt from her before, as gentle as she could be with her hard metal lips even though she knew that no amount of force would harm him. Her hands settled on his chest again, but this time stroked over the same spot lightly, as if to apologize for being too harsh with her touch a moment before.

And for the first time he found himself as afraid to touch her as he was with any of their flesh-and-blood companions. Her body, his masterpiece, was more than strong enough to withstand it as long as he was careful, but not without leaving dents and dings in the shape of his fingers on her surface. He already knew that it would be shattering when her emotions waxed back to a blacker hue after getting even a brief taste of what it was like to be the object of her fervent pity. How would he be able to stand it if the shift came because he responded to her too eagerly and the next dent sent her careening back towards hatred?

So he stood stock-still as she kissed him, and even as she broke away the tiniest bit. "Nepeta is going to need to wait for awhile," she said, and he was long past being surprised by her somehow knowing things which she shouldn't. "I need to be here with you, now. Before paradox space notices me."

He wondered what had caused this shift, why after days of not seeing her at all she'd come to him with such gentle pity. But questioning her mood might break it as easily as he worried a touch might, so he responded with nothing but a soft, "Aradia..." And as she bent slightly to brush her lips across the same spot her hands had been focused on he vowed that he would not look this gift horse in the mouth. He would simply try to enjoy this moment that she was giving him for as long as it lasted, and continue to hold it close within his mind when it passed by again.

2. What Came Before

Aradia stood frozen in place as Nyx turned towards her, the great beastly denizen poised to strike her down. The processes of her robot body were truly mostly still unbeknownst to her, but it appeared as though her mind was still greatly in control; though she wanted desperately to flee, fear kept her unable to flinch.

Nyx dove for her, and all Aradia could do was throw her hands up and accept fate. She knew, had always known, that this timeline was destined for damnation and it was okay that she was going to die now. It was okay, okay, okay, okay...

The blow echoed across the vast, empty land, breaking the silence for which it was named, even, and yet Aradia felt no pain, not even a chip in the paint that made her body shimmer.

She opened her eyes to Equius' back, his God Tier attire pulled taut over his broad shoulders. His hood had fallen, and she could see his hair sway in slowed down time before everything rushed again. Equius collapsed before her, fell on his knees with a hand pressed far too firmly to his chest.

If Nyx was still there and still a threat, Aradia knew not, and cared not. She soared to Equius' side, and from there she could hear the sound of his teeth cracking. His expression was severely pained, the lines in his thick skin making him appear like an adult troll, showing off the blunt structure of his jaw. He clutched at his chest, and Aradia saw the dark, noble blue that was growing out of his fingers, staining his steel grey God wear.

"Idiot," she barked at him, but it was soft and lacked bite; she would have blamed the synthesizer for that, if only she cared enough to worry about it. Aradia wanted to slap him, to punch him, to scream at him for killing himself for her when he had spent so much of his time working at reaching this altar. She had known it was all for naught but how could she have stopped him when he was pushing so hard, fighting for this honor.

Only to have it wasted on her.

Equius finally acknowledged her presence, and Aradia suspected that his gaze had softened upon seeing her, though she wasn't too confident in that assessment; it was so hard to tell when he was so obviously suffering.

"It was," he agreed, "but also worth it."

"I-Idiot," she said again, the voice that came from her catching on the word. It was futile to want to help him, because he could not be helped, not with a gaping hole in his chest as such brought on by a heroic action. Aradia could feel his time slipping away from them. She knew they were going on just seconds.

"I pity you more tha-"

His voice caught in the midst of his speech, and did not pick up again.

Despite her limbs being lifeless and cold, Aradia felt his life fall away.

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Oh, this is both neat and heartbreaking.


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